Vision and method

My interventions are based on a combination of psychological knowledge and many years of practical experience in counselling people. I don´t work on forehand from one specific theory or method. I believe every person is unique so it is important to find out what is needed, what will help in the persons single individual case. From an eclectic viewpoint towards therapy I use different methods from various psychological approaches. Like relaxation techniques, mindfulness, visualisations, NLP, cognitive therapy, energetic psychology, relationship counselling and career counselling.

I believe people themselves are the most knowledgeable about their lives and all the answers are stored in ourselves. For this reason I like to work with interventions that not only strengthen the own power and potential but also make obstacles visible so that they can be dealt with.

Most people are quite aware of what their problems are, and what they should do about it, but somehow “knowing” and “understanding” often is not enough to get things changed! That is why the subconscious plays an important role in my approach. Reflecting on how a person experiences his problem, to really get in sight what he does, thinks, feels and beliefs concerning the problem, I appeal to the total person not only the rational /understanding part. I have experienced that this often leads to new insights that makes profound changes possible.


Questions and subjects that are common part of the therapy:

  • What would you like different?
  • What do you need to achieve that?
  • How do you experience your current situation exactly? (what are your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, what do you sense?)
  • What stops you from doing it different? Is there a pattern? (does your problem occur in other situations as well?)
  • Who are you, what do you belief?
  • What are you convinced of? How does this perspective of yourself and the world help you?
  • Change work: experience how your current state of being (beliefs, behaviour, problem) and situations in the past are connected. Experience what happens when you change perspective.

    What does it bring you?

  • You will feel empowered en self-confident in situations you used to feel insecure and out of balance.
  • Negative feelings that you couldn´t explain will get healed/changed, so you sense more space and have more energy to do things different.
  • You will be able to look at conflicts (also those inside yourself) from different perspectives. Suddenly you will succeed in finding constructive solutions.