About Me

I am Gerlinda Smit, Dutch psychologist and Master practitioner NLP.
After graduating In 1994 as an organisational-occupational psychologist at the University of Groningen (RUG), I have been working for more than 8 years in a business environment as assessment- psychologist, trainer and coach.
In 2001 I learned about NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming). With lots of enthusiasm I finished the practitioners training that year, at the Institute Eclectic Psychology (IEP)  in Nijmegen. A few years later I successfully finished the Master practitioner course and became Master practitioner NLP at the same institute, with even more enthusiasm.
In my work I started focussing more and more on individual coaching and therapy. During the following years in the Netherlands I have worked with people who suffered from psychological (depression, fears and anxiety, burn-out) or psychiatrically problems, who despite their problems wanted to take part in normal society and wanted to have a normal job. With the right support this appeared often possible!

In February 2010 me and my family moved to Spain. Rather soon I started working as a coach and counsellor. Since 2012 I am officially “autonomo” and recognized to work as psychologist in Spain.  I am registered at the Spanish “Colegio Oficial De Psicologos De Andalucía Oriental” (COPAO) , registration number: AO 07199.

Being self-employed, I specifically work with two general practitioners: dr. B. Veeger at El Morche (Centro Mar y Salud) and dr. P. Anthony in Nerja (Clinica Santa Cecilia).
In these clinics I offer consultation and therapy.
Once a week I also offer consultation and therapy in Málaga centre.

I love working as a psychologist. It is amazing to watch people change when they have freed themselves from unhelpful, negative thoughts and beliefs. To see people (re) enforce their core strength and self confidence.